Week 16 – It’s all about Kindness

In 1726, at the age of 20, Benjamin Franklin created a system to develop his character.  Franklin listed his 13 virtues as:

Ben Franklin’s Makeover, a character building exercise- We are asked to rank a specific list of qualities or virtues as being present (or lacking) in ourselves and being aware and identifying those qualities in others.

As a group, during this second week of our Makeover, we were asked to all collectively focus on kindness.  Our “assignment” – be a participant and observer of kindness.

There is so much negativity expounded by the media that we often miss the miracles around us.  How often do we hear about the thousands of planes that land safely every day, the adoptions that have turned out wonderful, the randoms acts of kindness that occur every day, right?

Being “consciously aware” of the seeds we plant will determine our harvest (The Law of Growth).  The Law of Growth does not judge or make determinations as to what is grown; it can only operate within the parameters of its intended purpose, i.e. the seed that is sown.  The Law of Growth is unwavering and totally predictable, scientifically factual, unfailingly perfect.  We cannot expect business-growth-strategiesto plant a dandelion seed and grow a rose bush.

Imagine the compounding effect of our group created by concentrating our thoughts on kindness, the landslide of kindness we started on five continents, the field of richness we have imparted in the world by our simple harmonious thoughts being planted, a word of praise, a gentle touch, an unexpected smile.

Blue starry heaven, space backgroundThe mere act of noticing kindness created an inner peace in me, a feeling of harmony, a wonder at the world we live in.

What a gift to be part of the MKMMA Alliance.  My wish is that you discover the miracle of you, the unlimited potential of the world that is already within you.

Peace be the journey.

No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted. — Aesop (


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