Week 23 The Hardest Thing I have ever done

Beautiful words written by a fellow MKMMA member. “My new life’s growth is soaring, THRIVING!” Thank you Jen


being present embrace it all

This program is, by far, one of the hardest things I have ever done.  And I have taken on some pretty challenging endeavors in my life.  It came to me at a point in my life when I was truly ready to grow up.  And not in the Western sense of having the material expressions of adulthood, house, car, career, and 401K.  I am talking about the 3 components of the Law of Least Effort.  I am talking about the Science of Getting Rich.  I am talking about the Masterkey System.  I am referring to being in conscious possession of my authentic power, expressed with wisdom, focus, enthusiasm, and oriented towards service to the greater good.  I am talking about having and, more importantly, implementing the tools to live my ideal life in this world.  

The amount of persistence, concentration, and…

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