What the Heck is this DMP Stuff – MKE Week Two

As part of the Master Key Experience we are asked to construct a DMP (a statement that reflects our Definite Major Purpose).  As a member of the 2014 class and now honored to be a Guide, I reflect why this exercise is so difficult for us to complete.

Let’s ponder some common phrases we’ve grown up with….

  • Get your head out of the clouds.
  • No, do it this way.
  • Do as I say, not as I do.
  • Why are you always daydreaming?
  • Why can’t you be like……?

Well-meaning mentors in our lives have often unintentionally squelched our ability to discover our dharma.  Our life up to today has been a period of redefinition where we’ve left our childhood self behind. Many of us have grown into adults who fear putting our heart’s desire out into the world, let alone putting it down on paper and being laughed at one more time, or scarier yet, failing.  It’s simply easier to live a life in comfortable quiet desperation.

Some call it the red-pencil syndrome, where we submit our best work only to have it come back marked up in red with corrections.

But then, how do we discover our bliss?  This may be tough for you.

The first step is to quiet the old voices and discover what we really want out of life.  An exercise that helps me is to consider a question; “If time and money were not an issue, what would my life look like?”  And then meditate, sit quietly for a minimum of 15 minutes with no distractions and ponder the question.

What do you see?  What are you and what colors surround you?  What sounds do you hear?  What do you smell?  Who do you see?  How do you feel?  Pay careful attention to the details as they come to life.

This is by no means an easy exercise to accomplish.  Keep a pen or recording device handy and capture your thoughts immediately.  Keep it up for a week or two.

You might find your world is already perfect, or you may be startled by the stark comparison to how you are living currently and where your heart leads you.

The Master Key Experience gives us tools and teaches us how to construct a DMP that will speak to our subconscious and bring about changes in our life.  We learn to write the picture of our ideal life in present time—it has already happened and is waiting for you to grab it, but only you can define your dharma and what bliss means to you.

It might have been a long time since someone has sat and just listened to our dreams without judgement and has backed us up, but that’s what MKE is about.  Giddy up and dream big!  Your future self has staked its life upon your ability to complete this task.Your Life Is Calling

Peace on your journey.



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