MKMMA Week 15 – Continuing Learning and Being an Observer


I had an interesting week, one of growth and observation.

I find that I am extremely harsh on myself; the demand in my subconscious is active and sets high ethics for me.  When I get a little off track, which I have during the holidays, I often feel guilt and frustration.

As a post holiday celebration, a group of friends gathered for a late dinner.  At that event I found reasons to celebrate my journey, my learning, my stumbling, and yes, my growth.  My observation of this group was difficult and painful to my soul, recognizing the way the other 95% exist.  I remember being taught that small minds talk about people, great minds discuss thoughts.  OMG-I really have changed.   I am whole, perfect, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!

Breathe, celebrate and detach!  I’ve got this.




Master Key Week 13

Master Key Part 12 states “You must first have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do.”

Once again I am drawn to the dictionary, a habit taught to me by The Fabulous Davene4422793647_child_reading_xlarge

knowl·edge (noun): Facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.

(The Master Key Mastermind Experience-Yet we know that knowledge does not apply itself; we must make application – our exercises, reading, and our sits.)

cour·age (noun): The ability to do something that frightens one. 



(My DMP declares “I sacrifice ego and harness courage.”)


Faith (noun): Complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

(Ask and Ye Shall Receive.)man in prayer

12:28: “Realize that it (the Universal Mind) will meet any and every requirement; that you have exactly the same potential ability which any individual ever did have or ever will have, because each is but an expression of manifestation of the One, all are parts of the whole, there is no difference in kind or quality, the only difference being one of degree. 

world in hand

Peace on your journey




Week 12 MKMMA- An Honor to a Fellow Member

We are born in perfection, but sometimes along the way we gather moss and cement.  Let’s focus not on imperfection and our failures but rejoice in our journey and commitment to our self.

Dave Reyes has been launched into the Hero’s Journey and has picked up his sword.  Please honor him but reading, sharing and posting on his blog, sending thoughts of strength, peace and harmony to our fellow member as we learn from his persistence.




Master Key Week 11 – Let’s Start a Train of Causation

In Part Eleven of the Master Keys, Haanel reminds us that when we think, we must remember that we are starting a train of causation for good or otherwise which may have endless possibilities.  He also ttrain of causationeaches us that like attacks like in all things-friendships, companionships, conditions, and environment.

What seems like circumstance is, in fact, a perfect example of a complex operation of nature.

By observation it is clear, plant a seed and it has no choice but to germinate, grow, and become what it was destined to be.

seed with world


If you desire a rose do you plant a dandelion?


So how important are our thoughts?  How important is it that we are watchful guardsmen of our most precious possession, our mind, the world within?  “The recognition of the marvelous power which is possessed by the mind under proper conditions…”

Our exercise this week is to sit and concentrate on the quotation “Whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them.”  (The only apparent limitation, therefore, appears to be our own limiting beliefs.)  you get in life what you have the courage to ask for

A wise man told me this week that the difference between prayer and our sit (meditation) is that sitting is when we listen.

Let there be peace on earth.  Let there be abundance in your life.  Believe, dream, ask.  Immerse your thoughts in the joy that it is already done.   Manifest the miracle that you are.  The possibilities are truly endless.

love abundance success

Peach on your journey…….Dana




Dream big, bigger, beyond

Persistence and Practice – Week 10

This week I have the privilege of sharing a blog of a fellow MKMMA member, Marsha.

Haanel and Og write of the importance of persistence and practice.  Marsha’s thoughts take us through her challenges and the art of unraveling a story back to page one to get things done.

You can comments on her blog on her



Master Key Journey, Week 10

Last week I had planned to tell you about my sits for week 9, but somehow got sidetracked on my other related exploits of the week. Haanel suggested we visualize our favorite plant from its seed to bloom. This sounded like something that might have a better outcome for me than some of my other sit attempts.

My favorite flower is the Stargazer Lily; not only is it beautiful, but also it has one of the loveliest and most distinctive floral scents. To help my visualization, I searched for a time lapse video of this lily. My search was successful, so I now had this picture in my mind. Since I had no idea what a “seed” for this lily looked like, this became the subject of my next search. I found a great little video on You Tube that showed the lily bulbs and how they should be planted. Okay! Now I was armed for my floral visualization.

First I saw the the lilies before they bloomed. I was a little too far along in the process. I erased that thought and moved to the pot I had seen in the video. I’ve placed three bulbs in the pot as they had shown in the video. Good! On goes the soil so there’s plenty of space for the bulbs to grow. Here’s where I faltered a bit.

My bulbs were stuck in the pot. I was mentally trying to force them to grow—most likely my first mistake. I somehow was unable to relax enough to let the vision flow. I could feel the work in my body as my mind was attempting to grow the bulbs through the soil and out of the pot. My fingers were starting to shake and I could feel the tension in my thighs. What?? Yes, what happened to my nice, easy, relaxing visualization of my growing favorite beautiful flowers? Well, they sure didn’t grow during that sit session!

Now, here we are in week 10 with an even more challenging sit assignment and I wasn’t able to get through the assignment for week 9. I know that control over my physical self and mental self is key to communicating with subby. I decided to go back to week 1 and start over. Why not? My sit sessions have not been particularly successful, and definitely not as successful as I would like them to be. I think my decision is a good one—back to square one and find out where I need to focus. Perform an exercise each day, be sure I’ve mastered it, then move forward.

Week 1 (Monday): let your thoughts roam where they will but be perfectly still . . . continue until you secure full control of your physical being. Check.

Week 2 (Tuesday): be perfectly still but inhibit all thought . . . continue until you gain complete mastery. Check.

Week 3 (Wednesday): be perfectly still, inhibit all thought as far as possible, but relax, let go, let the muscles take their normal condition. Check.

Week 4 (Thursday): completely remove all tension by relaxing, then mentally let go of all adverse conditions. Check.

Week 5 (Friday): get into position and mentally select a place that has pleasant associations. Make a complete mental picture of it, see the buildings, the grounds, the trees, friends, associations, everything complete. Uh oh. A complete mental picture, all of those details—not so much.

Week 5. Really? How did I miss that?

It matters not. At least I know where I need to focus. I know I’ll be able to catch up once I have mastered this assignment and can move forward to the next. As both Haanel and Og both say, persistence will win, but persistence requires practice.

I’m on it!


Week 8 – I Greet This Day With Love

I-will-greet-this-day-with-love-in-my-heart    It suddenly became profoundly clear to me this morning that my days on this earth are numbered, as are all of ours.  So if these were the last words to be uttered by me and left on this earth, what would I say? What would I want left behind me?

Each day I begin with the words ” I greet this day with love.”il_fullxfull-351596060

I only want those I leave behind to know of my profound love for them and honor of having shared their life.

There is no time to hate, no time to be spiteful or judgmental?

Remember, to love thy neighbor, and give thanks.



What is Harmony – Week 7 MKMMA

While it seems a simple word, it occurred to me to ask, what does it mean, to be in harmony with our “tasks”, our blogs, our sharing and being in the alliances?  Why is this an important value in our participation of MKMMA?

Per the Fabulous Davene, look it up!

Off to the dictionary I go…..

Harmonious [hahr-moh-nee-uh s] adjective

  1. marked by agreement in feeling, attitude, or action: a harmonious group
  2. forming a pleasingly consistent whole; congruous

Harmony [hahr-nuh-nee] noun

  1. agreement; accord; harmonious relations.
  2. a consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts; congruity.


balance, coherence, concinnity, consonance, consonancy, orchestration, proportion, symmetry, symphony, unity


asymmetry, discordance, disproportion, disunity, imbalance, incoherence, violence


Theodore Sawyer shares his acronym for Harmony:

     H is Honest

     A is Awareness

     R is for Respect

M is for Merits

O is for Obligation

N is Nurture, and

Y is for Yourself or Youthfulness

Keeping true to the MKMMA exercises and honoring the requirements of the course builds a harmonious relationship within our mastermind group, creates a sense of belonging and caring and connection between us and as a result reduces internal competition, binds us together, and allows us to be at peace and in balance.  The choices you make today will shift and shape your tomorrow.  “Let your harmony guide you.”

Peace on your journey……..harmony-yin-yang