A Gift Without Reciprocity – Part I

On a beautiful, atypical warm spring day for our region, I decided to take advantage of the weather and set out to scope out new crabbing grounds on remote areas of the San Juan Islands to include in my new guide book, Gunkholing in the Islands of Puget Sound.  As I rounded the cove, I spotted her; the bow peeking out of the boathouse to the right of the long dock appeared to be that of the most beautifully restored  classic yacht I had ever seen.  I approached as silently as possible, but alas I was spotted.  A vibrant couple waved me in, waiting to grab my line and secure my small fishing boat to the dock.  They radiated an inner warmth I could not put my finger on and I did not hesitate to step onto the dock  which led to the most welcoming home I had ever set eyes on.  The structure’s design was flawless with the surrounding landscape, appearing to have been born from the rocks and sand and water.  The view coming from inside the windows glowed welcome, cheerful with rare pictures and artifacts acquired from their world journeys and every comfort and luxury.  Was this a dream?  How could something so magical be built on such a perfect piece of property, and what was the story behind the guest homes and that beautiful boat?

After a short tour, the interviewer in me could no longer be stilled.  I had to discover the secret behind this abundant lifestyle and the bright warmth I felt emanating from these people.  How could I have a piece of this? How was this pathway to true liberty and health achieved?   Was there something magical in this world that I had yet to discover about myself?  Could I be taught?

Dana McCauley invited me to hear her story, asked only that I listen with an open heart, but more importantly an open mind and a willingness to receive.  We sat in cedar Adirondack chairs next to the beach fire surrounded by the laughter of her grandchildren and the splashing of sticks being thrown to the dogs. Her diving gear sat drying next to us, the smell of fresh salt water mixed with seaweed permeating the breeze. I felt the softness of the exotic wool throw that was placed upon my lap for warmth, distinctive  in weave and material from some far away land.  Dana offered a glass of the most opulent red wine I had ever tasted, from her travel to Tuscany she said, and I sipped slowly and waited for her to speak.  With poise and peace and calmness, she began what I now know as my lessons.  We talked about spirit and mind, what she called “The World Within.”  We talked about harmony, prosperity, and what she called “dharma and mind force.”  Before I knew it hours had passed and I was no longer an interviewer.  My mind was spinning with words and imagery of an abundant life.

This is where a long-enduring friendship began, I an eager student, her a generous guide.  You see, inner strength and dreams create heroes, and that is what Dana McCauley is to me.  For that day, my life changed paths and I began my journey on my own Master Keys Mastermind experience, a road that has led to my personal transformation to recognition for creative expression and liberty.  Now for the rest of the story (to be continued).



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